Concrete Consultation

Mangla ECOmix Innovations is a Concrete Service Company that provides consultation services for innovative tailor-made cement-free concrete mixtures that are based on the geopolymer and alkali-activation technology (with desired fresh and hardened properties tested and validated in our in-house laboratory). Our experienced team also assists in the optimization of existing concrete mixture designs concerning sustainability or other technical needs of local concrete producers in the market or research scholars. Our activities outlined:
  • Understanding the type of concrete needed for a specific application(s).
  • Assessing the available concrete components, such as cement, aggregates, sand, cement substitutes-cementitious materials, admixtures, and selecting the right ones for the right applications.
  • Assessing and engineering the desired mechanical properties, such as tensile and compressive strength, and durability of end-product.
  • Assessing and engineering the desired workability of end-product.
  • Complying with regulations and standards.
  • Verifying the optimised concrete performance and validating the final result.
  • Assisting in the procedure to successfully bring the lab’s end-product in field concrete production applications.

Concrete Supply

Mangla Ecomix Innovations supply innovative geopolymer concrete solutions for the following types of projects:
  • Rigid Pavements
    • Municipal Roads
    • Gas Stations
    • Car Charging Stations
    • Industrial Flooring
  • Precast road panel blocks
Our parent company, Mangla Redimix Pvt. Ltd., is market-leading ready-mixed concrete production company which was set-up in 2007 and has been engaged in the sale, production and transportation of concrete mortar in the Indian market. Mangla Redimix Pvt.Ltd excellent project track record in several mega projects in the public and private sector is capable to support the supply of sustainable concrete mortar in any quantity, at the desired place, in the desired manner and at the desired time in Delhi-NCR having 3 batching plants in Gurugram and Faridabad.