Making Concrete More Sustainable

At Mangla Ecomix, we develop innovative and future-proof concrete mixtures to produce more durable and sustainable concrete in India. The company achieves sustainability in concrete through completely eliminating the dependency of concrete on primary traditional raw materials like Ordinary-Portland Cement, and instead, utilising various industrial mining by-products (waste streams) to produce a new generation of concrete.

Our Technology is supported and validated:

  • By our team’s long term industry experience in ready-mix concrete;
  • By our team’s scientific and research knowledge and experience developed in TU Delft, the Netherlands;
  • Via Memorandum of Collaboration by the intrastate university of D.Y. Patil Institute of Technology (Pune University);
  • By NABL Accredited laboratory for concrete testing in New Delhi;
  • Via external partnership with a business organisation in precasting technology in Europe, the Netherlands;

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